Loans For No Credit History

Do you have a bad credit history?

Do you have no credit history? (For example, young people haven’t had the time to establish a credit record.)

Do you need emergency funding (for a car repair or medical expenses, for example)?

Do you need to move ahead without your credit history holding you back?

Do you want to deal with people who understand you and don’t judge you?

Our fast No Credit Loan is designed for you.

How we Can Help You

Take a moment to consider your options.

We understand what creates a bad credit history and we’ll work hard to design a loan that suits your needs.

You can use your loan for almost any purpose: car repairs, medical expenses, bills–and more.

We offer short term loans with a qualifying process that won’t affect your credit history.

None of the following will disqualify you from funding:

Your past credit history, even if it includes bankruptcy
A high balance due on your credit accounts or personal loans
Bank repossessions.
You deserve a second chance. Everyone does.

A small default should not ruin your entire credit record.

To apply for a No Credit Loan, all we need is your personal details and a bank statement.

Once approved, you may be able to get the funds you need on the same day.

Because it’s hard for you to get a loan from a bank or other financial institution, a No Credit Loan from us can also help improve your credit profile.

Getting a No Credit Loan

We’re more understanding than banks.

We welcome customers with a bad credit history.

Our loans can help improve your credit record.

To complete our simple online application form, click Apply.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you.

What we Need

To process and approve your loan we need:

Your personal details
A bank statement
Gathering this information can be time consuming for you so we use safe, secure technology to help you.

We’ll access your information only with your permission and with our highest security.

Over time, we’ll learn to trust each other and you’ll improve your credit history.

And that means you’ll be able to borrow more money when you need it.

Repaying your Loan

We set things up so you can make repayments in step with your pay cycle.

We’ll match repayments with your capacity to repay.

We’ll send you a repayment reminder before and on Payday.

On Payday we’ll set up direct debits to your account.

If you think you can’t make a repayment on Payday, contact our Support Team.

Our job is to help you in advance to make your repayments predictable and painless.

If a repayment is late, you may need to pay additional fees but we tell you about this upfront.

Remember: You can apply for another loan as soon as you pay off your current loan.

After we’ve helped you once, applying for another loan is fast and easy because your information is already on file. Just re-apply online or call us..

Over time, we’ll learn to trust each other and you’ll improve your credit history.

And that means you’ll be able to borrow more money when you need it.

More about No Credit Loans

You can find yourself without a substantial credit history for all sorts of reasons:

No need to borrow money–until now
Paying with cash instead of credit
Creditors who don’t report financial history
Accounts that have been inactive for a long time
Whatever the reason, no credit history–or a bad credit history–can make it much harder to get a loan.

Our advice is–don’t take the first loan available to you.

Take a moment to consider your options.

Taking out a loan is a serious commitment. Your financial needs are unique, so avoid a loan that might not work for you.

Take a moment to compare different lenders.


Loan amounts
Rates and terms for the loans
Repayment schedules available.
After comparing different lenders, we’re sure you’ll choose us.

We’ll help you create the right loan to suit your needs.

We can do this because we accept applications from people with no credit history or a bad credit history.

We’re prepared to work hard to understand your situation.

We understand that people’s needs are different and require different loans.

Our repayment options are designed to suit different situations.

We help you create a plan that matches your needs and your schedule.


The interest charged by the lender on the advance is only 5% of the principle.

The overall Fees charged on top of the Principle with a Payday Advance depend on the optional services you choose. However all advances have a Financial supply Fee that depend on repayments and an account keeping fee. These can be seen in the table below.

1 payment loan 35% of loan amount
2 payment loan 45% of loan amount
3 payment loan 60% of loan amount
4 payment loan 75% of loan amount
6 payment loan 95% of loan amount
8 payment loan 115% of loan amount
Account Keeping Fee $5.95 per week
Click Here to view our Disclosures and Authorisations where you can see our full fee table for any additional fees.

To complete our simple online application form, click Apply.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you.