Emergency Cash & Payday Loans

Getting your advance

Do you require a fast, adaptable, small money credit for crisis costs, such as, auto repairs, medical expenses, bills–almost anything?

We have you covered

You can apply for a credit online whenever from any Australian area.

You can apply for up to $1000 inside minutes.

Want to know how?

  • Click Apply to finish your basic online application (free).
  • Approval can happen inside the hour.
  • Once endorsed, the loan sum could be accessible in your record in a matter of hours for all application received before 2.40PM.

Note: If you apply outside business hours handling can take longer with the loan most likely supplied the next business day

We utilize a straightforward procedure that secures you.

We’ll encourage you how to obtain just as much as you can stand to reimburse.

Pay it off quick and save cash!

Our agreements are easy to understand.

There are no early payout punishments.

There are no progressing or concealed expenses.

Poor credit? Changed your location as of late? It will not influence your application.

Your advance application is unique and that is the way we treat it, entirely on its merits.

We’ll discover a credit that is ideal for you and suits your financial plan.

To finish our basic online application structure, click Apply.

What we require

To prepare and support your advance we require:

  • Your individual details,
  • A Bank Statement

Tip: Use Credit sense our trusted outsider supplier to transfer your bank articulation its protected, brisk, and simple.

Once you have utilized our service once, you may have the capacity to obtain more cash when you require it.

Reimbursing your advance

Reimbursing your advance is as straightforward as getting your loan.

We can set things up so you can make reimbursements in step with your pay cycle.

We’ll match reimbursements with your ability to reimburse.

We’ll send you a reimbursement update before and on Payday.

On the off chance that you think you can’t make a reimbursement, contact our Support Team.

Our aim is to help you ahead of time to make your reimbursements easily and without effort.

After we’ve helped you once, applying for another loan is quick and simple in light of the fact that your data is now on record. Simply visit our website or use our member portal.

More about Emergency Cash Loans

Individuals use Emergency Cash Loans since it’s the least complex and speediest approach to get to reserves rapidly.

Very few loan alternatives are accessible around there in light of the fact that banks characterize certain borrowers as high hazard.

We take an alternate perspective. We treat you as an individual with a unique set of circumstances.

In the event that you require fast money for an emergency, you may be persuaded to buy in to loans with hidden fees, causing more problems for you in the future.

We will keep you completely informed before you consent to the loan and service terms.

We will help you to feel happy and sure that the loan that we help you apply for  will work for you.

Once endorsed, cash is moved into your bank account with repayments easily arranged.

Our application system is not the same as methods utilized by banks and other financial organizations.

Emergency Loans that we help you apply for don’t require a full financial history and have no extra expenses or hidden charges if the length of the contract is adhered to.

Please contact us if there is an issue with making your repayments.

We’ll guide you through your loan application and be upfront with all fees and charges.

Emergency Loans are by and large approved within hours as we don’t require the individual verification.

Even if you have had Bad Credit we aim to offer a solution for everyone.

To finish our basic online application structure, click Apply.

You will be required to include your location and contact details along with your personal details.

Our advisors will check the data and affirm your application within hours.

After approval, the advance sum is deposited into your bank account within hours (if apply during business hours or next business day if outside hours)

Don’t waste time or energy at a bank, with no flexibility or options, only to be pushed back every time.

How it functions

It couldn’t more simple.

  • Make a fast and simple online application.
  • Submit your records utilizing our secure Technology.
  • Once affirmed, we send your money to your designated bank account.


Gold-Silver Standard Finance only charges a flat fee of 5% of the amount borrowed.

If you choose to use Cigno’s service there are other fees and charges applicable for the service.

To view our Disclosures and Authorisations where you can see our full fee table for any additional fees, click here.

Take the step today by simply completing our online application form. Click here to apply!

What are you waiting for? The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can assist you.