Easy Cash & Payday Loans

How to get your loan

If you need cash today, for that urgent or unexpected expense, then you are talking to the right people.

No paperwork, and fast approval., You can now apply for a Same Day cash loan. This can be done online at any time from any location.

Apply now for Same Days loans up to $1000. Application is completed within minutes

One approved, the loan can be available in your personal bank account within hours*. All you need to do is
Click Apply to complete your online application.

*Please note clearing time to your account is subject to your bank. All applications recieved after 5pm will only receive funds on the next business day.

All our costs are displayed in advance, with no hidden fees. All outlined and easy to understand.

To find out what a Same Day loan might cost, use our repayment calculator for instant feedback.

Information we need

Just a copy of your personal bank statement. No further paperwork is required.

Loan repayments

Repayments can be made with your payday cycle. This is typically every 7 days.

A repayment reminder will be automatically sent two days before the payment is due. Direct debits will need to be setup to facilitate this payment.

If you are unable to service a repayment on the payment due date, please contact one of our friendly support team to review the various options available to you. Its our priority to assist in making repayments painless and predictable.

And don’t forget, you are free to apply for any new or further loans on complete settlement with current loan arrangements.

Once the initial loan has been completed, applying for new loans would be a faster and easier process, as all your information is already available on our system.

As we work together, you will build up a good credit history for pain free fast cash lending. This allows you to borrow more money, as and when needed.

More about Same Day Loans

Using our fast and painless online application process or phone application, Same Day Loans are a easy way to get your hands on cash fast.

If you are an Australian resident, over 18 years of age, with regular income (employed or through centrelink), our Same Day loans are available to you.

Review your repayment amount and total payable on a Same day Loan via our Costs page on our website.

Our Same Day loans are competitive because of our back end system. Our process is easy, fast and reliable. We use bank statements to qualify your application and will physically deposit money into your account for fast bank clearance on the day within hours of your application*

Its all systems go when your application is submitted, and completed when the approved loan amount is repaid.

It only takes a few minutes to complete you application and we will respond within the hour.

Your nominated bank account is debited directly on an agreed schedule and you don’t have to worry about missing any payments.

Debit dates are normally scheduled on your Payday, to ensure the funds are always available. This way you can plan your budget and keep on top of your payment schedule

With our automatic reminders, you will always know when your next payment is due.

*Please note clearing time to your account is subject to your bank. All applications recieved after 5pm will only receive funds on the next business day.

Our technology

To speed up the application process, we have streamlined our systems and integrated with trusted partners to upload bank statements for a quicker assessment.

A lot of time is saved when we request bank statements from your bank and prepare all the paperwork for you.

We make use of the latest secure encryption technology though our 3rd party bank statement provider, Credit Sense, to protect all your information.

Our process

  1. The application review is accelerated with simple electronic forms
  2. Bank statements and personal details are used to obtain your income and average expenses.
  3. Your loan repayments are calculated on our assessment of your loan suitability.
  4. Your bank statement is accessed electronically and securely verify your information.
  5. On approval, you will be notified within the hour and the cash loan will be be deposited into your nominated bank account.
  6. The cash is physically deposited into your bank account. This ensures that your bank clears the funds promptly, for you to receive the funds on the same day*

*Please note clearing time to your account is subject to your bank. All applications recieved after 5pm will only receive funds on the next business day.

When a bank statement review confirms you are careful with your finances and you have regular income, you will be eligible to receive fast approval for a Same Day Loan.

Our systems are designed to ensure we don’t offer you a loan that you can’t afford. Its our goal to make your life easier.

Dishonour fees may be charged if your budget does not go as planned and you miss a repayment.

However, we understand that unexpected circumstances may arise and we are always willing to listen. We urge you to contact us early and explain your situation, as fees can and have been substantially reduce and even waived.

Its important to remember to contact our Support Team if you think you cannot make a repayment.


Only 5% interest in charges on the principle loan amount.

The total fees charged in addition to the principal amount of the Cash Loan depend on the optional services you choose. Its important to understand that all Cash Loans have a Financial supply Fee. This fee depends on the number of payments you choose. There are also account keeping fees applicable.

Examples can be seen in the table below.

  • 1 payment loan 35% of loan amount
  • 2 payment loan 45% of loan amount
  • 3 payment loan 60% of loan amount
  • 4 payment loan 75% of loan amount
  • 6 payment loan 95% of loan amount
  • 8 payment loan 115% of loan amount
  • Account Keeping Fee $5.95 per week

View our Disclosures and Authorisations where you can see our full table of fees and any additional fees that may be payable.

Click Apply to complete our simple online application form.