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Cigno are specialists in facilitating and managing short term Cash advances up to $1000. Unexpected Bills? Short on cash this month or in need of a short term financial boost? We’re here to help! Our focus is to provide a quick, easy and quality service of loan management and enable every Australian access to a short term financial solution. We believe in giving everyone a fair go and will do our best to assist our customers in every situation by considering all applications. Our quick, easy and non-invasive application process provides customers with a user experience second to none.

We always encourage our customers to only borrow when they need to, and to always borrow what they need and can afford to repay.


The loan itself costs 5% of the principal amount which is payable to the lender successfully matched. Extra fees and charges are applicable if you choose to use our fast approval, fast deposit and loan management services. These fees can vary depending on the cash advance amount, number of payments and payment interval. Click here to use our Loan calculator and see what a Cigno Loan might cost you.

Click here to view our fee table or to inquire over the phone please contact us on (07) 5644 3500.


Here at Cigno we understand that sometimes unexpected things happen and therefore we do not charge default interest rate or negatively affect your credit rating.

It’s always best to contact us prior to a payment failing to change or postpone a payment or at the very least once a payment has failed. Remember we are here to help not make things worse so get in touch.

We do charge fees which are determined by the number of defaults associated with a particular loan and also the collection procedures required. We may attempt a lessor or greater amount on the subsequent payment to ensure payment clears.

If we do not receive contact or are unable to contact you via our collection practices, you may be referred to an external debt collector. Click here to view our fee Table


Credit Sense is a third party provider that supply us with your bank statement using your internet banking so that we can assess your application.


We do not keep your internet banking credentials. Your credentials are encrypted when you enter them, passed to your bank to gain access to your transaction history and then permanently deleted. If you need to resubmit your bank statement using Credit Sense again, you will need to re-enter your internet banking credentials.


We don’t offer renewal or refinancing options. If you would like to postpone or change payments we’d be happy to help out.


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