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Cigno will be here to assist everyone in need of a short term solution to bridge the gap, regardless of your credit history.

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What is Cigno? And what does Cigno do?

Unexpected bill? Falling short on your cash this month? Cigno are the specialists in short term cash advances of up to $1000 and are here to help! Cigno’s focus is to provide a quality service for loan management and give every Australian the access to a short term financial solution. Regardless of anyone’s personal or other circumstance, Cigno believes in giving everyone a chance to do our best to assist. Our quick, easy and non-invasive application process provides each of our clients with a user experience second to none.

How much is the service?

Once approved, via our application process you will be provided with multiple options on how you can repay the loan and you can choose the best option for you. There is no obligation to go take the loan if it is not right for you.

With us there is nothing hidden, no surprises, no catches, no worries!

The costs are broken down in to 2 components:

  • The matched lender’s cost.
  • Cigno’s service charges.

As a reference, below is a breakdown of what it might cost you.

Lender Fee’s:

A fixed, one-off non-interest charge of $15.

Cigno’s Fee’s:

Cigno fees can vary depending on the terms and length selected on your loan obligation. Typically the fees charged with regards to assistance in acquired a $300 loan range between: $129.90 and $291.55, depending on the factors of that advance.

The Cigno fees charged are for the optional use of Cigno’s service and are independent of the principal and interest repayments due to the lender.

You do not need to utilise Cigno’s service in order to acquire a loan from any lender. It is completely at your discretion to utilise Cigno’s assistance.

Default and Deviation:

Change of Payment Fee: $22
Dishonour Fee: $79

What happens when payments aren’t made?

Here at Cigno we understand the unexpected situations that arise in life and as a result we do not negatively affect your credit rating. However, it is always better to contact us prior to a payment failing to adjust the payment or postpone the payment to a later date.

Default fees and charges are applicable for missed payments, this is also followed by our required collection procedures. To ensure payments clear, we may attempt a subsequent payment lessor or greater the prior amount.

If contact isn’t made or we can’t contact you via our internal collections practices, you may be referred to an external debt collections agency. Please see Disclosures and Authorisations for more information.

What is Credit Sense?

Credit Sense is a third party provider that safely supplies us with your bank statement using your internet banking so that we can assess your application.

How do I know my Internet Banking will remain secure?

Your internet banking credentials are not stored. Your credentials are encrypted when you enter them, passed to your bank to gain access to your transaction history and then permanently deleted. If you need to resubmit your bank statement using Credit Sense again, you will need to re-enter your internet banking credentials.

How soon will I receive my funds?

If you choose to, we can deposit your funds on the same day within hours of your application. Our cut off time for this is 5.00pm AEST.